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14 Best Practices in Scan to BIM

can to BIM or Point Cloud to BIM is the most accurate method to create As-Built BIM Models of any existing Buildings or Interior spaces. Not all Laser Scans are...

How to Gain Competitive Advantage with BIM

Working with remote teams

How to Manage Projects with Remote Team

Working with remote teams

PDF to Revit Conversion

Project this Project is an Office Building built in the late nineteen sixties. The original drawings were hand drawn and were unavailable. However, there were...

What is Revit?

evit is a BIM (Building Information Modeling) Software developed by Autodesk for Architects, Structural and MEP Engineers that enables them to Design, Analyse, and...

Tips on inserting CAD Details in Revit

Tips on inserting CAD Details in Revit hat do you do when you have built up a whole library of standard details in AutoCAD and now you’ve switched to Revit? Do you...

How to Create Revit Details Library

Learn how to create your own Revit Details library. Save time in searching for the right details, Just copy and paste, single detail or the entire sheet.

Limitations of Converting AutoCAD to Revit

Limitations of Converting AutoCAD to Revit ou often need to convert AutoCAD to Revit. At times to convert "Standard Details" to Revit or use DWG files to build a Revit Model. This article focuses on using DWG files to build a Revit Model, Revit...